Hitting the Trails: Take a guide on your value-based care journey

Posted by Continuum on Jan 10, 2017 11:00:00 AM

The healthcare payment landscape seems to change every week. Developing a strategy for success is nearly as tough as assessing what alternative payment model (APM) programs you should pursue. Is there a benefit to staying focused on
fee-for-service? Are pay-for-performance models the right path for your organization? How much risk is too much risk for you?New Call-to-action

The good news is there’s no one path to value-based care success. The various programs offer different benefits to healthcare organizations of all types. Understanding the full ecosystem of programs available to you is critical to make sure you start your journey to future success on the right path.

As with any journey, keeping a guide handy is a smart plan. Continuum’s value-based payment experts have developed a new reference to help you make sure you’re on the right track. This infographic, “The Trail Guide to Value-Based Care Success,” offers key insights and reminders about the benefits for various payment programs, common challenges, and tips for making the most of your participation.

Before you start with any new payment model, you need to take stock of how your organization is functioning today. Consider focusing on the following areas:

  • Strong practice management and workflows: Ensure your staff—and the practice itself—are operating at top of license, and that your culture is directed towards enhancing the patient experience and building out effective workflows.
  • Open patient access and clinical pathways: If your practice doesn’t understand the fundamental importance of patient access, now is the time to make sure that every patient has the right access to the right care at the right time.
  • A team-based approach: Ensure that your internal and extended care teams truly function as a team—they’re networked well and that they share information effectively and efficiently.
  • The right technology: Investing in innovative technology is a good idea, but technology should always be used as a tool to enhance the patient experience.

Regardless of where you are in terms of participating in APMs, it’s always useful to keep a guide nearby to keep you moving in the right direction. Check out our Trail Guide to VBC Success to help steer you to new heights in your practice.


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