Coordinated Care Best Practices = Successful Outcomes

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The Need for Coordinated Care

The number of Americans with at least one chronic health condition is rising. A Commonweath Fund International Survey found that 23% of patients with a chronic illness saw four or more doctors over the last year and 46% reported taking four or more prescriptions on a regular basis.1 These patients have higher than average healthcare utilization rates, making the management of their care particularly vital, yet complicated. Consequently, a targeted care coordination program is an essential component of any larger Population Health Management initiative.

The successful management of patients with chronic conditions requires care that is well-coordinated between providers, patients, and the care team. The Institute of Medicine has remarked that care coordination “has the potential to improve effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the American health care system”2 and can result in higher survival rates, fewer emergency department visits, and lower medication costs.3 Furthermore, a Health Affairs policy brief found that the lack of coordinated care is costly and created $25 to $45 billion in wasteful spending in 2011 through avoidable complications and unnecessary hospital admissions.4

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The Benefits of Centralized Coordinated Care

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nurse-care-coordinator-on-phone-with-patientCare Coordination Key Component of Triple Aim Success

Healthcare providers have increasingly implemented programs aimed at coordinating patient care across a fragmented healthcare continuum. Although these programs vary widely in structure and style, the primary goals of care coordination programs—to improve disease outcomes while containing overall healthcare costs—tend to be consistent across organizations.1

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Topics: Coordinated Care, population health management, Triple Aim, care coordinators

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