Quality Where it Counts -- Focusing on Care & Patient Satisfaction

Posted by Michael Renzi, DO, FACP on Dec 20, 2016 1:59:00 PM

The amount of change hitting the healthcare industry is enough to make any provider dizzy. For primary care providers especially, implementing and optimizing new workflows and
technology to capture every healthcare dollar you’ve earned can easily make you lose focus on the single most important aspect of your practice: patient satisfaction.

New alternative payment models (APMs) are supposed to refocus patient care by incentivizing for the quality and cost of care delivered. To succeed in the new healthcare world, providers need to ask themselves: how can they help their local healthcare network deliver high quality care to their patients, when and where the patients need it, at the right price? We’ve put together a list of three key factors to help providers—and patients—make the most of APMs.

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Topics: quality of care, patient experience

Patient Satisfaction Begins with Good Manners

Posted by Continuum on Mar 22, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Patient satisfaction is becoming a key phrase in healthcare, and physicians are learning first-hand just how important it is to make their patients not only healthy, but also happy. The patient experience is a critical factor in measuring the quality of care, and now that quality is tied to reimbursement, patient satisfaction scores have a direct impact on a physician’s bottom line.

In addition to the physician, the medical staff plays a vital role in improving the patient’s experience. Excellent customer service encompasses many facets, but one of the surest ways to increase satisfaction levels is to practice proper etiquette. Simple gestures such as making eye contact and smiling while interacting with patients makes them feel welcome and leaves them with a positive impression of your practice.

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Topics: quality of care, patient satisfaction, patient experience

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